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WWE Weekly Wiz Review

Geek Genie’s resident WWE expert Deggy runs the rule over WWE TLC. We’ll be recalling the aftermath of the Red brand’s show with RawSmackdown, plus rumors and all the latest news from the home of sports entertainment.



Asuka vs Emma

The Main Roster debut for Asuka, was certainly a good one, Emma surprisingly brought the fight to the undefeated former NXT Women’s Champion. The match kicked off the PPV, with a bang. Both diva’s deserved to win, but the debut of Asuka was her victory. After making Emma submit to the Asuka-Lock, she stood tall as her 195-0 streak, continues.

Prediction: Asuka wins on her debut

Result: Asuka defeats Emma to be victorious

Rating: 3-



AJ Styles vs Finn Balor

A dream match, come true. The 2 leaders of the Bullet Club, come head to head, the first time in a WWE ring. An action packed match full of excitement, the crowd were off their seats from start to end. The match was not supposed to happen, as the match was set to be Bray Wyatt as his Sister Abigail alter-ego, vs The Demon King as Finn Balor’s alter-ego. Bray was not able to compete due to a Viral –Infection, that also disabled Roman Reigns to be part of the 3 on 5 Match with the Shield. However, AJ Styles volunteered to take part in the match and replace Wyatt, while in South America on a Smackdown Live Tour. But honestly, most people were probably happier when they found out the news. The match was with both men dominating each other, the match ended with the Raw member, Finn Balor picking up the victory over the Phenomenal One, with a Coup De Grace, but what a match. In my point of view, I wanted Styles to win, but obviously Balor was meant to beat Wyatt, so he was going to beat Styles.

Prediction: AJ Styles defeats the Demon

Result: Finn Balor wins the dream match

Rating: 1

Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins and Kurt Angle vs Kane, Braun Strowman, The Bar (Sheamus and Cesaro) and The Miz 3 on 5 Handicap Match TLC Match

Due to Roman Reigns being disabled from the first match of the returning Shield, Kurt Angle volunteered as Raw General Manager to take part for the first time in 11 years. Roman couldn’t compete as to a Viral Infection, that was spreading through the WWE, this also caused Wyatt not to compete. Now onto the match, the match was full of jaw dropping moments, and the match was even better with Kurt Angle, it’s true, it’s damn true. In the final moments of the match, the Miz’s team ganged up on their own team mate, Braun Strowman, the fight began with Kane destroying Strowman, but after that the whole team decided to do the same. Dean and Seth were getting flawed, with Kurt gone after being powerslammed by the Monster among Men, through a table. All of a sudden, Kurt’s music played as he hobbled to the ring taking out Cesaro and Sheamus with 2 Olympic, Angle Slams, while Sheamus went through the table, Cesaro got lucky staying on the ground, but it still must’ve hurt a lot. He then went into the ring for Rollins to hit the King’s Landing, then for Ambrose to hit Dirty Deeds, and for the Gold Medalist to hit the Angle Slam, to decimate the Intercontinental Champion, The Miz. Although after the victory for the Shield, and Kurt Angle, they did the Shield Triple Powerbomb to make Miz have more of a rough night.

Prediction: Dean, Seth and Kurt Angle win the TLC Match

Result: Dean, Seth and Kurt Angle win the TLC Match

Rating: 2+

Don’t you guys go anywhere, that’s just WWE TLC, we still got Raw and Smavkdown, you can’t just leave when you figure out the aftermath of the ppv, and we got one of the Big Four PPV’s coming up, trust me this is leading to a huge battle in the WWE.





Following a promo on Smackdown Live the week before, Jinder told everyone that Smackdown has already been conquered, there is no one left on the roster, he later then challenged the beast himself for a Traditional Champion vs Champion Match at Survivor Series. The promo was basically Heyman talking about the usual, then at the end of the promo, Paul Heyman then accepted the challenge which makes the match official.

Rating: 3+

Bayley vs Sasha Banks vs Alicia Fox- Winner is determined leader of Survivor Series 5 on 5

I just put this in, as it’s connected to Survivor Series. Alicia Fox won, the person who has been ‘missing’, has just become the new leader. I didn’t have time to watch this and quite frankly I didn’t want to watch it. So now Alicia Fox will lead the team against the other 5 Women from the blue brand, Smackdown Live.

Prediction: Bayley would be the leader going into Survivor Series

Result: Alicia Fox wins the match, to become the leader

Rating: 3-



Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose and AJ Styles vs The Miz and Sheamus and Cesaro

After his match with Finn Balor, AJ Styles again competed in a Raw ring, with the Tag Team Champions, the 3 took on the Bar and The Miz, we are yet to see Roman Reigns. The match, was an unsurprisingly great match, well it is Dean, Seth and AJ. The match ended with Styles hitting the Phenomenal Forearm, to win the match.

Prediction: Dean, Seth and AJ Styles win the match

Result: Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins and AJ Styles win the Tag Match

Rating: 2+


Smackdown Live attack Raw

Wow. As Kurt Angle was seconds away from revealing the 5 members of the Survivor Series Match, Shane McMahon’s music went off. The commissioner of Smackdown was at a Raw Arena. He then called out the whole Smackdown roster, as they went onto the locker room, like a pack of wolves. They took out everyone, Dean, Seth and all the others. Smackdown Live had decimated the whole roster. Raw had no chance, they were under siege, leading to Survivor Series, the PPV where both brands go against each other, Raw had first blood, we’ll see the fight at Survivor Series.

Rating: 2+




Becky Lynch vs Carmella vs Tamina vs Charlotte Flair vs Naomi- Winner is determined Captain of Survivor Series Match

No less than 24 hours, Alicia Fox became Captain for Raw, and now Becky Lynch is Captain for Smackdown. The match was quite good, with all women working their hardest to earn the right to be leader. Becky Lynch, came out as the victor.

Prediction: Charlotte Flair becomes Captain

Result: Becky Lynch wins the match to become Captain

Rating: 2-

Jinder Mahal responds to Brock Lesnar


Following the day before on Raw (read more above), Brock Lesnar accepted Mahal’s challenge, the Modern-Day Maharaja, respinded by trash talkig Brock, and the usual hell promo.

Rating: 3+


Randy Orton vs Sami Zayn-Winner is put into Survivor Series Match

While Sami Zayn has turned heel, his talking and promos have gone up like a balloon, his match performances are still spectacularly bad. The match’s final moments were when Kevin Owens ran to the ring, to distract the ref, but it only made it worse, as Orton low blowed Zayn, to hit a ferocious RKO, to win the match.

Prediction: Sami Zayn wins and gets added to the match

Result: Randy Orton prevails over Zayn, to be a part of the match

Rating: 2-

Well that’s the weekly wiz for you. Be sure to stay tuned to everything WWE at www.geek-genie.com

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