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WWE – A Weekly Re-cap

This is a very short review on the highlights of last week’s amazing week in WWE.




The Miz and Roman Reigns have been feuding ever since the night after No Mercy. Roman came out to confront him, during some kind of Miz TV with the MizTourage. The Miz says, ” It’s only a rumour”. Referring to the Shield reuniting, Roman replies by saying, ” Don’t you say anything about rumours”. At that moment the crowd went wild, as Dean’s music hit he stood side by side. Suddenly the other half of the Tag Team Championship, came out as the Shield reunited. Ganging up like they used to, on each side of the ring the Shield took out the MizTourage, and the Miz by planting him with the famous Triple powerbomb. No that is not the only thing that happened on Raw. The Main Event, the match we had all been waiting for, the Cruiserweight Championship… Why? That’s what I thought, he’ll just retain it’s not a pay-per view. Kalisto then planted, a Salida Del Sol, off the top. To win… Kalisto won on his first match. Good job, I think he deserved it, for not winning a title like ever (except Nxt Tag Titles), he was the Champion of the Cruiserweights. I guess we won’t be seeing the King of the Cruiserweights, if you know he got fired, or left whatever.





Basically Sami Zayn, the biggest babyface on Smackdown (except for Cena) turned heel, and became best buds with Kevin Owens again. It was quite a good promo, he explained it by saying, ”Smackdown was the land of opportunity, and Shane didn’t give me an opportunity”, which is true. Sami’s a wasted talent. They could do some good use with this Sami heel thing, and servant of Kevin Owens. Then there was the U.S Championship, which was very good, but led to Corbin retaining the title he won at HIAC. That about wraps it up for Smackdown (I don’t care if I didn’t say LIVE!)

So there you have it. I’ll be posting again soon so check back here at www.geek-genie.com for all things WWE!

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