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Venom To Hit Screens Amid Spider-Man Rumours

Venom hits theatres this week and rumours are abound that a certain web slinger may eventually cross paths with the anti-hero symbiote.

Sony may have loaned out it’s hottest property to the Marvel Cinematic Universe when Spider-Man appeared in Civil War and then Homecoming, but it still has a significant number of Spider-Man related characters in its film stable. One of those is Venom, a symbiote infected Eddie Brock who has wreaked havoc in the Spiderverse ever since his introduction in the pages of Amazing Spider-Man #300 way back in 1988.

Venom the movie will hit cinema screens this week and already the fan gossip is about Spider-Man and whether or not our friendly neighbourhood web-head will make an appearance or even be referenced. What about Peter Parker, the Daily Bugle or J.Jonah Jameson?

So far, Sony has made it clear that this is a stand alone movie with no connection to the MCU. However, Venom director Ruben Fleischer has been qouted as saying that some meeting between Venom and Spidey is “inevitable”. Speaking to Screenrant, Fleischer said “I think we did the ground work in this film for a pretty fun match-up in the future so I think that’ll be a really exciting story to explore. But I’d be lying if I didn’t say I’d love to see him face off against Spider-Man at some point”. Fleischer went on to say that both Tom Hardy, who plays Venom and Spider-Man actor Tom Holland are both “excited” about the prospect of a meeting.

How that will happen is anyone’s guess. The convoluted movie rights that make up the Marvel presence on the big screen means that some kind of deal will have to be struck between Sony and Disney in order for Spider-Man’s own universe to expand within the MCU.

Venom opens in theatres October 5.

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