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Top 5 Hardest Super Mario Galaxy Stars

Nintendo’s 2007 Wii classic “Super Mario Galaxy” was actually in fact, Super! Rated a perfect 10/10 by IGN this classic had it all, graphics, soundtrack, creativity, challenge and loads and loads of fun! Today I will be looking at the hardest stars for me to earn in a nostalgic trip through memory lane! By the way I will not be including green stars or green star levels.


5. “Purple coins in the bone pen” – Ghostly Galaxy



Purple coins, purple coins! We will be hearing that term a lot. The first star on my list is the Purple coins in the bone pen. This star requires skill, accuracy and a lot of patience. To collect 100 purple coins using the Wii remote sensor in not 2, not 1 and a half but 60 seconds…Insane!

4.”Plunder the purple coins” – Deep Dark Galaxy


Again, with the purple coins! This star however, isn’t timed, on the other hand there are coins in the trickiest positions that require multiple efforts, precision and accuracy. What makes it even harder is that coins are underwater, giving you limited time to breath.

3.”Lava spire Daredevil run” – Melty Molten Galaxy


The first star on the list that aren’t purple coins…finally! Going the whole level without getting hit once, completing this makes you an expert of the cosmos. With multiple small enemies, falling platforms, and the rush to the top of the mountain this definitely ranks as one of my hardest levels.

2.”Dreadnought’s Garbage dump” – Dreadnaught Galaxy



30 seconds! You have 30 seconds to blow up every piece of rubbish and if you fail by one second apparently, it’s not good enough! You need to get the position and timings of the bombs perfect. Trust me, this one will take you a while.

1.”Luigi’s purple coins” – Toy Time Galaxy



…Where to start? This level took me triple the time to complete than it took me to finish the rest of the game, I actually cried in joy when completing it. With flipping and disappearing tiles, poison water and 100 purple coins to collect in 2 minutes, this level tops the others by a mile and a half!


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