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Top 5 DC Rebirth Titles You Should Read!

I hope DC hasn’t lost its touch after all of the attention Marvel’s been getting recently, therefore I decided to suggest the top 5 DC Rebirth titles you should start reading today! And by the way, I will be excluding mini-series or events such as ‘The Button’ and ‘Doomsday Clock’. Don’t forget to comment below your thoughts on the action.


5. Wonder Woman

Greg Rucka tells a completely new Wonder Woman tale in the rebirth series. With new information on her origins, Diana has never looked more astonishing.


4. Titans

With the return of the missing Wally West, the original Titans are back with a bang! Written by Brett Booth, the new Titans storylines will prove to be key in the DC Universe.


3. Action Comics



Action Comics is fast approaching a huge milestone with April’s release of Action Comics #1000! The series has consistently given us great tales about the Man of Tomorrow with Rebirth delievering storylines such as The Oz Effect. Thumbs up to Dan Jurgens!


2. The Flash



The Flash has been awesome, from the new villain Godspeed to old enemies such as the Reverse Flash. This series kicked off where it left off in the New 52, fast paced and action packed! Joshua Williamson proves himself to be a top writer.


1 . Batman


Number 1 on the list is the world’s greatest detective and perhaps the world’s greatest superhero. Tom King creates classics in this


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