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Top 3 Iconic Villains From The Big Screen

“A hero is only as great as its villain”. Whether you feared them or loved them, or both, these iconic film villains will remain a big part of movie history. Here, I will rank my top 3 villains in film history.

As the Clown Prince of Crime would say…”And here we…GO!” 


3. The Terminator (The Terminator series)

Portrayed by Arnold Schwarzenegger

An 80’s classic villain! With an iconic soundtrack, The Terminator lay the ground work for future CGI developments. Disguised as a human, The Terminator is a cyborg assassin sent from the year 2029 to kill Sarah Connor. Arnold Schwarzenegger portrays his character perfectly as one of the most feared villains in film history. He is a brutal killing machine that cannot be stopped. If you don’t believe me watch the movie yourself! The Terminator is definitely up there as one of film’s greatest villains and later becoming one of film’s greatest heroes.


2. The Joker (The Dark Knight)



Portrayed by Heath Ledger

‘The Dark Knight’ is widely considered the greatest comic inspired movie of all time. A big reason for that would be the fantastic performance by Heath Ledger as the spine-chilling Joker. Heath Ledger does not just play the role, he becomes the Joker! The Joker is brutal and insane as ever and really does get the best out of Batman. Definitely one of films greatest villains of all time.

1 . Darth Vader/ Anakin Skywalker (Star Wars Original Trilogy)

You can be cool, but you can never be so cool that every time you walk in a room the ‘Imperial March’ plays in the background. Darth Vader is without doubt the greatest villain ever! He had it all! Intimidating, frightening and just down right awesome. Darth Vader can do it all, fight Jedi masters with his blood red lightsaber and match Luke Skywalker in piloting. Although he is the apprentice of Emperor Palpatine, what makes him a great villain is his link to the heroes Luke and Leia. The “I am your Father” shock gave Darth Vader a mysterious background that everyone wanted to be explained. It gave us depth to the character, as he wasn’t just cool on the surface but has an awesome background. Darth Vader is easily number 1 on this list and will be eternally remembered by the film universe.

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