One of the ‘Big Four’ PPV’s is coming up! Yes, the Royal Rumble is on its way! The road to WrestleMania is a fun and exciting ride and this year it’ll be double the fun with the first ever Women’s Royal Rumble Match. Here’s the 10 picks we want to see return at the Royal Rumble.

10 – Rey Mysterio

Who didn’t like Rey Mysterio? One of the greatest cruiserweights of all time, could be making a comeback. Mysterio has been gone for around 4-5 years now, and has said himself, he is not done wrestling, and open to a call from the WWE. It’ll be amazing to see Rey Mysterio return.



9– Jeff Hardy

The Hardy Boyz made a crowd popping return at WrestleMania 33, although Jeff Hardy has been injured for a few weeks, and while injured, Matt Hardy has been ‘Woken’. Jeff is scheduled to miss WrestleMania, but you never know in the WWE, it wouldn’t be as shocking as John Cena’s 2008 Royal Rumble return, but it would be a great return for Jeff Hardy.



8– Trish Stratus

With the first ever Women’s Royal Rumble Match this month, it’ll be obvious for the WWE to call a few legends back in business, for a one – off match. Maybe they won’t appear in the actual match, they might even just come to announce the match, or congratulate the winner of the first Women’s Royal Rumble.



7– Batista

Leaving the WWE 4 years ago to go to Hollywood, like many wrestlers, Batista has done pretty well in the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 as Drax the Destroyer. Although it may be unlikely to happen, the crowd would be buzzing.


6 – Daniel Bryan

Daniel Bryan retired 2 years ago back in 2015, due to an injury. However, these past few months he’s been medically cleared to wrestle again. The Royal Rumble could be his chance to make a comeback to the WWE. As Smackdown General Manager, it’d be astonishing to see Shane McMahon and Daniel Bryan in the ring, Shane has had many matches as Raw and Smackdown Commissioner and GM, who’s to say Daniel Bryan can’t wrestle as GM?


5 – Shawn Michaels

This prediction is one of the most unlikely returns, although if HBK returned to the ring for a one off, it would be worth the wait. It’s unlikely, but possible, Goldberg returned for a Universal Title reign, the Rock returned for a WWE Title reign, legends have done so, could this be Michaels’ time to shine once again?


4 – Kenny Omega

Kenny Omega is one of the best indie superstars right now, he is currently signed to NJPW and is probably the best wrestler in NJPW. Years back, Kenny Omega was actually wrestling at the WWE, although he was another wasted talent, and eventually released Kenny Omega. Now, he is one of the biggest stars, of indie wrestling. We saw the Shield reunite, could we see the Bullet Club reunite?



3–  Connor McGregor

Connor McGregor has been negotiating quite a lot with Triple H and the WWE these past months, McGregor has been extremely successful in his time at UFC, the first person to hold both the Featherweight and Lightweight Championships. He is still working with UFC, at the moment he is taking a brief halt to his career, as his wife is pregnant, causing him to relinquish the titles. Rumours are telling us that McGregor vacated his titles to join the WWE. However, the chance is extremely low, but keep your eyes peeled, the Notorious could be working in the WWE, very soon.


2 – Ronda Rousey

One of the most tough and fearsome UFC Fighters of all time. Ronda Rousey had a 12-0 streak, until Holly Holms defeated her. Waiting months for a comeback, she made an appearance with the Rock, back at WrestleMania 31. Later in her UFC career, she followed another defeat, only less than 50 seconds by the reigning champion, Amanda Nunes. She has not been seen at the UFC since, and has consistently been coming to watch WWE Events. For years rumours have been circling, but now with the Women’s Royal Rumble, it’s hard not to say she won’t come.



1 – The Rock/CM Punk

The reason I did both, was because the Rock could introduce CM Punk. The Rock has been calling CM Punk, on numerous after-show promos. CM Punk has always been the person I’m waiting for. Although, maybe the Rock and CM Punk will come in at different numbers. Why I think there’s a 1% chance of him returning, is that his UFC career, has been rough and disappointing. The WWE is where Punk lives, if that did happen, I would literally scream and run out the house.



Well that’s all from me, stay tuned for more WWE News!

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