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Thor Ragnarok Review

Our resident teen reviewer IzzyLFC gives his verdict on Marvel’s latest movie blockbuster, Thor RagnAron.


Thor Ragnarok is without doubt one of the greatest Marvel movies ever made. It was well balanced with action and humour. Director Taika Waititi creates an unexpected but definite masterpiece.



Thor is on a mission to prevent Ragnorak, the Asgardian apocoloypse alluded to in previous MCU movies such as Avengers 2. He confronts Surtur the fire giant of Musphelheim, who will play a key role at the end of the movei. Loki has taken over Asgard by impersonating Odin. Eventually the rival siblings find Odin only to realise that the All Father’s ancient reign over Asgard is at an end. They encounter Hela the goddess of death and are cast away while she threatens the existence of Asgard and its people. It is up to a team of Thor, Loki, Valkyrie and The Hulk to save Asgard from its doom.




  • Perfect balance of action and humour
  • A gripping storyline, with lots of sub-plots and plenty of easter eggs!
  • Fantastic and lovable characters


  • Crucial characters missing, such as Lady Sif
  • Doctor Strange only had a small part
  • Thor’s new look! The long hair and hammer is gone!!



My Review & Rating:

For me, Thor Ragnarok was one of the greatest MCU movies of all time. It had two great villains in Hela and Surtur who is probably my favourite Thor villain ever! Loki was fantastic and as mischievous as ever. Korg, voiced by director Waititi himself has become an unexpected fan favourite with his hilarious dialogue. Overall there isn’t an MCU that can really top this one other than Captain America The Winter Soldier!

9/10 – One of the most enjoyable films ever to be made!

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