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The Top 10 Graphic Novels of all Time!

By IzzyLFC

Comic book charachters are now more popular today than ever before, thanks to Film and TV as well as the comic industry’s best creators. However it all started with 20-page magazines starring iconic characters like Superman, Batman, Captain America and Spiderman. I’m looking at the greatest graphic novels ever to be written. Do you agree?!


10. Crisis on Infinite Earths – Marv Wolfman




Probably DC comics’ biggest event ever, Marv Wolfman creates a masterpiece with Crisis. Featuring the first appearance of probably the most powerful villain ever, The Anti-Monitor, this 12-issue series was a crisis since two of DC’s most loved characters died protecting not only the world or even the universe but the multiverse. Both Supergirl and Flash die protecting the ones they love.

9. Blackest Night – Geoff Johns


One of my favourite writters Geoff Johns delivered probably the biggest and best Green Lantern storyline ever in 2009-10. When Hal Jordan returns from the dead, he brings death with him. A figure going by the Black hand is leading the living dead or Black lantern corps into destroying humanity. We see our favourite heroes and our most despised villains putting on rings to unite against a common threat.


8. Daredevil: The Man without Fear – Frank Miller


and respected writers in the comic book world created one of the great Daredevil stories. Explaining the origins and early life of Matt Murdock, Miller creates nothing short of a masterpiece.


7. The Killing Joke – Alan Moore

Alan Moore creates more of a Joker tale than a Batman tale. Aimed at mature audiences, this comic shows the gruesome and insane nature of the dark knight’s greatest foe. An iconic scene where Joker is dressed in a tourist outfit, he paralyzes Barbara Gordon, ending her run as Batgirl.


6. Civil War – Mark Miller


Now a Blockbuster MCU film, Civil War was definitely one of the great comic book events. Looking at the more realistic and political side of Superheroes, the Superhero Registration Act or “Sokovia accords” in the movie brings the superhero community in the cross-hairs of the law. Tony Stark and Steve Rogers represent to the two conflicting sides of the argument and suddenly the Marvel Universe is at war! One of the most iconic and impactful moments was the unmasking of Spider-Man as Peter Parker.


5. Flashpoint – Geoff Johns


probably the most impactful event in Barry Allen’s history. It also kickstarted DC’s New 52 and still reverberates through the DCU. When Barry travels back to save his Mother, he doesn’t realise the consequences of his actions and how they will affect the timeline. Thomas Wayne is now Batman, Aquaman and Wonder Woman are at war and Superman is a lab experiment. Trust me, you’ll finish this in one read!


4. The Infinity Gauntlet – Jim Starlin


Jim Starlin, the king of Marvel’s cosmic universe, creates probably Marvel’s biggest storyline ever. Avengers Infinity War, the MCU movie that everything has been leading up to is based on this. This story shows the true power of Thanos and the 6 Infinity gems. One of my favourites.


3. Watchmen – Alan Moore


Now starting to appear in DC rebirth comics, Watchmen is the first Comic that isn’t mainstream Marvel or DC on the list! Alan Moore creates another adult aimed story which is about a more realistic society and the kind of threats that superheroes face…and are! Watchmen is widely regarded as one of the greatest graphic novles ever!


2. The Dark Knight Returns – Frank Miller


Expected first? Well first or not, TDKR is the greatest Batman story ever. Bruce Wayne hasn’t been Batman for many years, but returns to face the mutants, Joker, Superman as well as training a new, female Robin. Christopher Nolan’s TDKR is based on this and the Knighfall storyline. Batman at his best!


Old Man Logan – Mark Millar


As you can tell from the image, Mark Millar creates one of the goriest but greatest tales ever. Logan has quit being Wolverine in the future but gets back in the game with an opportunity to pay rent. Sadly, he isn’t on time and the landlords, AKA the Hulks have killed his family. He goes berserker mode and wipes out almost all of the Hulks family. A simple but memorable story, also now a blockbuster movie in “Logan” played by fan favourite Hugh Jackman.

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