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The Top 10 Episodes of CW’s The Flash

With the recent release of the much anticipated season 4 kicking off, Geek Genie takes a look at the best 10 episodes of The Flash.

10. “Flash vs Arrow” S1E8


Flash vs Arrow may not have been the craziest episode ever but the 2nd part of the Crossover was a brilliant episode since it was the beginning of many crossovers to come. Action packed, full of great fighting scenes whilst also giving audiences a glimpse of the great friendship between Oliver Queen and Barry Allen.


9. “Flash of Two Worlds” S2E2


The 2nd episode of my favourite season of The Flash, Jay Garrick acts as a mentor to the Flash teaching him the ways of the speedforce. This episode contains a scene that mirrors the iconic comic book cover from The Flash #123  as well as featuring the return of Harrison Wells…but not as we knew him!


8.”Enter Zoom” S2E5


The first meeting between Barry and Zoom, a demonic speedster from the parallel world known as “Earth 2”. Zoom shows his power and speed when humiliating the Flash in a fight. We learnt truly how dangerous Zoom could be.

7.”I know who you are” S3E20


The episode after Savitar’s identity is revealed to Killer Frost, and the episode Savitar’s identity is revealed. A fan theory coming true that Barry Allen of the future is revealed to be Savitar. Many hints such as “The future Flash” indicated the identity but overall it was a great way to leave us on the edge of our seats.


6.”Pilot” S1E1

The one that started it all, the origin story. An introduction to Barry Allen and Central city giving us the origin we read in the comics. It wasn’t an episode that had any cliffhangers or twists but how could I not include it?

5. “Infantino street” S3E21


The episode that season 3 was leading up to, we know that Savitar was Barry of the future, a time remnant. Barry tries his hardest to save Iris from her fate, however he fails leading to the death of Iris West…

4. “Flashpoint” S3E1


Flashpoint had us screaming at the end of season 2, we could not wait to see the new world that Barry Allen creates. Realising his mistake in saving his Mother he had to change the world back, however it was not the same as how he left it.

3. “Escape from Earth-2” S2E14

Similar to Flashpoint, we saw a parallel world where Barry was a geek, Iris a cop and Caitlin and Ronnie as Metahuman criminals. As the team tries to escape Earth-2 with prisoner Jesse Quick, Zoom hunts them down and kills Jay through the breach! Tragic!

2. “Fast Enough” S1E22


The finale of season 1 was brilliant and heartbreaking. An imprisoned Harrison Wells makes an agreement with Barry sending Harrison to his time, the 25th century and allowing Barry to save his Mother. Not foreseeing the consequences the season ends with a second particle accelerator explosion.

1.”The man in the yellow suit” S1E8




This Christmas special truly had it all, Barry’s greatest enemy returning, a spectacular showdown between the Flash and the reverse Flash, an appearance of Firestorm and the reveal of Harrison Wells being the Reverse Flash.

In conclusion, there are many episodes that could not make my list such as Invincible, the Runaway Dinosaur and The Rogue episodes but I hope you have enjoyed reading my list, however did you agree with it?


Honorable Mentions

“Out of Time” S1E15, “King Shark” S2E16, “Rupture” S2E19, “The race of his life” S2E22, “Shade” S3E6.

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