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The Indie Index – Review – Tart #6

Sweet with just enough sass.


I must confess, I was a newbie to the epic adventures of Tart Acid, before yesterday that is. Written by Kevin Joseph, the quick paced action in Tart starts on panel one and shows no sign of slowing down anytime soon.  The first five issues are an excellent combination of the telvision show Quantum Leap meeting Kill Bill and tossing in a little Dr. Who.  Tart, the recently deceased demon hunter, has the unfortunate time traveling side effect of temporary memory loss. This leaves Tart in the same place as the reader, never knowing what could be coming around the next corner.

Catching up with the first five issues as I did, couldn’t be easier with the current Kickstarter campaign already fully backed for issue 6.  One reward has all past issues available for $8.00 in digital PDF format or physical copies for only $25.00.  But be warned, catching up means tagging along through 1950’s New York, a demon infested plane and even a glacial ice age French Riviera, as Tart learns the ropes of time travel, battling demons along the way.

After five beautifully illustrated issues with Ludovic Salle on art, issue six adds Karl Moline to the team to take over, which he does without skipping a beat.  This newest chapter has a tad more action in than the previous issues, and Moline’s first issue in the series doesn’t disappoint. Issue 5 ended on cliffhanger, as once again Tart struggling against three merpeople, who know her, but she has no memory of ever meeting.

Sprinkled among the issues like children’s teeth (the highest form of currency), writer Kevin Joseph leaves the reader with just enough clues to wonder what is truly going on in this strange, new, vibrant world he has created.

You can pledge to the Kickstarter campaign HERE.


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