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The Indie Index – Review – Hail #6-7

Hail issue 6 & 7 has successfully been funded on Kickstarter. And they have delivered. If you’re not familiar with Hail, do yourself a favour and go buy the previous issues.

Hail follows Lena, an aspiring lawyer who turns to glass when anxiety strikes. She learns to work through her anxieties and turn it into a strength to help those in need.

With so many superhero comics being released, it’s easier for readers to get superhero fatigue. That’s why Hail is so refreshing. It’s a story that has an honest insight into someone dealing with anxieties and depression. Lena is high functioning; she is successful at her work as an aspiring lawyer and is learning to control her powers. However, she is still overwhelmed by the daily aspects of life and battles her depression internally while battling the villains in the streets and on the rooftops.

Issues 6 and 7 are the strongest yet in the series. Richardson’s writing is fluid and well-paced. The character dynamics and dialogue are like a pair of well-worn slippers, comfortable and familiar. From Issue 1, Lena and her supporting cast have never felt stiff. I found myself smiling and chuckling as I enjoyed the company of Lena and her friends while they bantered and interacted.

Lam’s artwork, with her supporting art team, is at its most consistent in the series. Lam’s detail to character expressions evoke their nuances and emotions without dialogue. Lam also has the arduous task of conceptualising a character who turns to glass. I applaud her and her art team for achieving this. The line work of Lena in her glass form is detailed and creates a seamless look whilst also making her feel grounded in the world they’ve created.

Issue 7 brings to close the first arc of Hail’s confrontation with the serial killer, the Shepard. It packs in so much more for future issues, including a violent unknown vigilante, the revelation of a friend’s secret, and how the outcome of her battle with the Shepard will affect her future.

This is an Australian superhero comic leading from the front. Go get it.

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