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The Indie Index – Review – Come Into Me #1

Come Into Me is a strange story. I wouldn’t expect anything less from Black Mask Studio. Based on just the premise, it would be enough for me to grab it off the shelf of my local comic store.

From the very first page, I was left wondering what I had gotten myself into by agreeing to give Come Into Me a read. I can hear the rubber gloves snapping, even now. Co-writer Lonnie Nadler described Come Into Me as “imagine if David Cronenberg directed an episode of Black Mirror. It might look something like Come Into Me.” It’s true, that description is 100 percent accurate. The story is horrific, twisted. Come Into Me breaks the chains shackled to the modern conventions of comic books and flips them on their head. Whatever you think about comics will be challenged with this debut issue alone.


By now, everyone should know that Lonnie Nadler and Zac Thompson were born to work together. With Come Into Me, you have two writers who have grown to know each other to the extent that their writing styles are perfectly in sync. This is evident in The Dregs, as I’m sure it will be in Cable too. I imagine that Thompson and Nadler would be like twins that can finish off each other’s sentences. That is a good thing. That makes for stories that are fleshed out and are fully realised.


The characters featured throughout the first issue are the definition of complex and display many layers. The biggest gripe that I have with comics is dialogue, when it feels forced, flat or even cliché. Dialogue isn’t an issue with Come Into Me. The conversations are fluid and real, helping immensely with the story telling.

The art is ridiculously detailed, from books lining shelves to cityscapes. Piotr Kowalski pulls no punches with his artistry. No corners are cut and it is evident that Kowalski has thoroughly enjoyed his time on Come Into Me. Man, just wait until you see the title page. In one word: phenomenal. Niko Guardia isn’t a name that I had heard of prior to this title but is a name that everyone should be keeping an eye out for. The colours in Come Into Me work well with each other while creating a palette truly unique to the comic book medium. Ryan Ferrier will always be one of my favourite letterers. Ferrier is prolific and pumps out top quality work – both lettering and writing -, Come Into Me showcases some of his best work thus far.


The ensemble creative team have built Come Into Me into a story that feels only too real and highlights a world that could exist in the not too distant future. Reading the end of the issue, I had felt like I had been punched in the gut, and yet, I need to read (see: consume) more.

Come Into Me #1 is available now from all comic book stores that have great taste!

Written by Lonnie Nadler & Zac Thompson | Art by Piotr Kowalski | Colours by Niko Guardia | Letters by Ryan Ferrier | Published by Black Mask Studio

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