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The Indie Index – Interview with Ryan K. Lindsay

Ryan K. Lindsay creates stories that happen to be the freshest out there, his stories and characters are the kind that you can’t not care about. RKL is the closest that the comics medium has ever gotten to a Hunter S. Thompson-esqe writer (and I’m including Ellis’ Transmetropolitan in that). Read below and try to come out of the other side without a fresh perspective on comics. Just try it.


Who are you and why should comic readers know who you are?

I’m Ryan K Lindsay, an Australian comic writer. I’ve written BEAUTIFUL CANVAS with Sami Kivela at Black MaskNEGATIVE SPACE with Owen Gieni at Dark Horse, and have also been published at IDW, Vertigo, ComixTribe, and a few other places. Beyond that, I’ve run 5 successful Kickstarter campaigns, too.

Five words to describe your writing style:

Ugh, what a pretentious goon.

You’ve got a Kickstarter campaign coming up, spill the beans on that and give us the low down.

STAIN THE SEAS SCARLET is a spacesuit noir revenge story with Alex Cormack on art and I’m so excited to get into hands throughout our campaign over November.

It’s a one-shot standalone story, and we are running it as a digital campaign so it’s a PDF only, but that means we can add a tonne of digital extras to the experience. There are many extra PDFs and an audio commentary and plenty of value for money.

Being no stranger to Kickstarter, what do you feel you do that makes your campaigns so successful?

I offer value for money. People can pledge just a few bucks and walk away with a dozen different issues digitally, as well as script books and other fun stuff. Process junkies like myself always have great feedback about my campaigns.


To you, personally, what is it that makes indies so unique and special?

Lately, I get way more excited about indie books than anything else because it’s the Wild West. Storytelling rules are chewed up and repurposed, genres are mashed up in crazy ways. It’s home to so much exciting storytelling, innovation, and class.

It’s also a place anyone can break in, because you just let yourself in, so the diversity of creators is a lot more broad.

Who are some up-and-coming names that you feel readers should keep an eye out for?

Vita Ayala is a sharp voice with great passion. John Lees excites me with every project he writes. Louie Joyce is insanely talented. Tatiana Davidson floors me with every mini comic she produces.

Catching a ride on your 6-word noir idea that you included in Deer Editor, give us a 6-word story for ETERNAL without spoilers.

Shieldmaiden graveyards hold the world’s finest.


You’ve been known for having repeat collaborators with the likes of Eric Zawadzki and Sami Kivela, how does that come about?

When you make a comic, especially a miniseries, with someone it’s like going to war together, or building a city together. You become family.

I love Eric and Sami and Owen and so will always look for ways to collaborate again with them. I mean, they’re crazy talented, I’d be stupid not to. So we keep communication open, we’ve had beers when possible, and it’s a relationship in one way or another for life.

Any sage words of advice for indie creators to live by?

Create every day. Make short comics. Make mates with other creators, they’ll understand our shared problem. Always actively work on getting better.

Sell your soul or plug your goods, either or:

Without a soul [not a religious soul, but rather a centre of good, a core of truth] you’ve got nothing to say in your work. And you’ve got nothing to offer irl.

Living and creating should be a balance.


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