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The Indie Index: Interview with Madeleine Holly-Rosing

The Indie Index has interviewed a handful of creators and it’s came to our attention that we’ve not interviewed many female comic creators as of yet (some interviews pending). People started recommending extremely talented female creators by the masses. Here’s an interview that many people asked for with the esteemed Madeleine Holly-Rosing. Enjoy!


What are you currently working on?
I’m currently running a Kickstarter for my comic Boston Metaphysical Society: The Scourge of the Mechanical Men. For those not familiar with it, the original six issue series was about an ex-Pinkerton detective, a spirit photographer, and a genius scientist who battle supernatural forces in late 1800s Boston. The Scourge of the Mechanical Men is a 34 page standalone continuation of the series featuring Granville Woods and Tesla.  We are wrapping up production. It’s with my letterer and should be in the hands of my pre-press guy shortly.

I also wrapped up writing the 2nd issue of Kasai: The Homecoming. Kasai is also on Kickstarter until Feb. 12. That story is about a half-human, half-fire demon fighter who is forced to return home to Kyoto to face an even greater challenge than she faced in the ring – her family.

And… I also just handed a short story to my artist, MJ Massy, for the upcoming anthology, Cthulhu is Hard to Spell, Ain’t it. On top of that, pages are coming in for my short story for The Edgar Allan Poe Project which should launch on Kickstarter in March. It is based on The Masque of the Red Death.

After the Kickstarter is over and I’m waiting for the books to arrive, I’ll be working on a prose short story that I was invited to contribute to a steampunk anthology for Luna Press. I should also have the first Boston Metaphysical novel back from the editor by then as well. So I’ll have plenty to deal with even before the Con season starts and I deal with fulfillment.

Who/what are your biggest influences when it comes to comics?

Christina Strain (Fox Sister, Generation X), Nunzio DeFillippi (Bad Medicine, New Mutants, Dragon Age) and Dave Elliott of Atomeka Press have been mentors to me. I was fortunate to have taken Nunzio’s sequential art class at UCLA and Christina was in it. I think she and Dave taught me everything I know about the business.

As for other authors, I’m a big fan of Brian K. Vaughn, Marjorie Liu, and Joelle Jones.


What made you take the leap and start creating comics?
It was by accident. I had written Boston Metaphysical as a TV Pilot while I was getting my MFA in screenwriting at UCLA and a friend suggested that I adapt it into a six issue mini-series. Well, I did and I discovered along the way that I really like writing comics. So here I am.


How long have you been creating them for?
For comics – 5 years. I’ve been writing stories since forever.

Who are creators that you think everyone should be reading their work?
Other than Brian K. Vaughn, Marjorie Liu, and Joelle Jones, I’d add Gail Simone and Kelly DeConnick.


When walking into a comic book store, what makes you pick a comic up off the shelf?
I usually know what I want to buy before I even arrive. So, I don’t really look around too much. But when I do, I look for clean and consistent art. One of my pet peeves is when a high level artist is hired to do the cover, but the interior is meh.


Do you do any certain activities to come up with ideas like walking, reading, sports, listening to music?
No, not really. Ideas come randomly but sometimes stem from research I’m doing or a conversation. Fans have posed good questions/thoughts about Boston Metaphysical and that has inspired me in the past.


For you personally, do you deal with any hardships with being a female creator?
For me personally, no. I think it’s because I’ve been working on my own creator-owned material and have not written for the Big 2. It seems the fanboys target the women who write their “beloved” characters. Obviously, there are other factors involved. I could go on and on about this as I have seen what harassment has done to other female creators and to the extent it has created a hostile working environment for them.

If so, what are they and what do you to overcome them?
I’m not going to give advice for something I’ve never dealt with, but I know where to get it. If any female creators out there need help, contact me and I can steer you in the right direction.


What advice would you give aspiring creators?
Find a good mentor, read stuff that inspires you, and get your butt in the chair and write.


Plug your work:
Boston Metaphysical Society: The Scourge of the Mechanical Men is on Kickstarter until March 2.
We offer the obvious basic rewards like the book and pdfs, but the fun one is to have Gwynn draw you into a portrait with Granville and Tesla.


The Scourge of the Mechanical Men Kickstarter Link: http://kck.st/2rQKFce
Website: http://www.bostonmetaphysicalsociety.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BostonMetaphysicalSocietyComic
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/mhollyrosing
Instagram: @mcholly1
Kasai: The Homecoming runs until Feb. 12. Kasai Kickstarter Link: http://kck.st/2mPa1lY

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