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The Indie Index – Interview with Chris Gooch

Hey there, loyal readers! I’m deeply sorry that The Indie Index has been quiet for the past month. Christmas, holidays, work and all of the other usual things got in the way of publishing more pieces for you to read. Never fear though, we’re back with an interview with none other than, Chris Gooch!


Please introduce yourself to the readers who may not know who you are yet.
Hello, my name is Chris Gooch and I live in Melbourne and spend most of my life drawing and writing comics.

Where do you draw your inspiration from? 
Movies are my favourite thing so they’re probably the biggest influence on my work – particularly when it comes to pacing, framing and story structure. My favourite films in the past couple of years have been ones that fall apart as they go on, sort of collapsing under the weight of all the great stuff they did in their first two thirds – Snowpiercer, The Handmaiden and Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 2 are probably the key ones (I didn’t like it much the first time, but I’m hoping The Last Jedi can join the list on a second viewing). I think it’s being able to see the seams of the movie that makes it so great – and so much easier – to think about how the storytelling, framing, etc of the film and how to apply it to your work. The more sort of ‘perfect’ movies – There Will Be Blood, etc. – are just mystifying and slippery. No help at all.

If you could collaborate with any artist or writer, who would it be and why?
Maybe Jillian Tamaki. Someone who could do comics stuff I could never do.

What creators should readers keep an eye out for? 
I like Jillian Tamaki and Charles Forsman a lot at the moment. Their comics are really widely available.


Bottled was recently released by Top Shelf Productions, how did getting Bottled noticed come about? 
Pat Grant was nice enough to introduce me to them. After that it was talking on Skype about them possibly picking it up and some revisions I was going to do.

Could you give readers a quick elevator pitch as to what Bottled is about?
Bottled’s about two friends who don’t really like each other anymore and, when given the chance, one decides to blackmail the other. I spent a long, long time drawing it and I think it’s probably the best thing I’ve done so far.

What’s next for Chris Gooch? 
I’m working on a science fiction prison book at the moment. Hopefully I’ll be able to start publishing chapters of it towards the end of the year.


Is there any advice that you would give to anyone wanting to create comics and/or zines?
Start on something small and self publish it when it’s finished. If you’re in Melbourne then you should definitely get a stall at the Sticky Zine Fair to sell it.

Plug your work and where people can find it:


chris.gooch.982 on instagram

You can buy Bottled online via Book Depository or any other big website.

Or, if you live in Melbourne, All Star Comics definitely has copies.

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