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The Indie Index – Interview with Alex Maday

Kaiju Gods looks to be one heck of a comic book anthology. The anthology includes the work of creators who are quite prominent within the indie comics industry. It really is a who’s who of indie creators in Kaiju Gods – sadly, I think my invite to write a story was lost in transit – and the work that has gone into the anthology is astounding. Anyway, I was strong-armed by A. Shay Hahn into interviewing Alex Maday, so what choice did I really have?

Hey Alex! First things first, for those who may not know you, tell us about yourself.
My name’s Alex Maday and I write comics including Mongrel City Rumble which I share with artist Charity Buhain.

You’ve spearheaded the organisation of a comic book anthology called ‘Kaiju Gods’, how did the idea come about?
I’ve always wanted to make an anthology but never had a solid concept I wanted to work with. Started thinking about kaiju one day and the idea of giant, strange creatures and how they’ve always been a part of storytelling whether it’s religion, lore, fairytales. It got me thinking about what new stories with giant monsters could be made if I could get some of my favorite creators together in one book.

From the idea stage, what was your next step in making Kaiju Gods into a real thing?
I had to get some creators on board, find a title, start setting deadlines, and figuring out all the specs and business stuff. Anthologies are a beast to keep organized. It’s mostly been a team effort. I don’t see it as MY project. It’s OUR project.


Kaiju Gods boasts 14 stories from over 40 creators, what was the selection process like? Did you reach out to creators you were interested in having involved with the anthology or did you take submissions?
I made a list of about 30 creators I thought would be awesome to work with on this and just asked them if they wanted to do the book. Worse thing they say no, right? Turns out they all had kaiju stories they wanted to put out and all but two of them said yes. From there I met a few more people or had people wanting to be involved and from there we all started sharing our stories and putting it together.

Speaking of creators, who are some of those that you have on board and what titles have they worked on?
Eric Palicki: No Angel
Łukasz Kowalczuk: Slime
Bob Salley: Salvagers
A Shay Hahn: Homeless G-Men
Enzo Garza: Gut Ghost
William Tenner: Dragonfly
Garrett Gunn & Nicolas Touris: Franklin and Ghost
Those are just off the top of my head. Everyone in this art works hard and does amazing things with their talents.

How long did things take from the stages of brainstorming to production and what was the most difficult thing about it?
It’s been almost a year and still a bit in production as we are all finishing our stories. For me it’s just organization, keeping up with the creative teams, that’s a ton of work. Not as much difficult as it is tedious.

You’re in an elevator with the head of your favourite publishing company, they are getting off at the next floor – how do you sell Kaiju Gods to them?
Kaiju Gods is about creative freedom and original stories. That would be my pitch as much as the reason I probably wouldn’t pitch it but if I knew them and respect their work I’d hand them a copy of the book and tell them I appreciate the work they do and leave it at that. At least for now. I’m about keeping it an indie platform for now.

Once Kaiju Gods has been released out into the wild, what are your plans going forward?
I would love to keep putting out more kaiju stories. Right now, I see a lot of companies cashing in on the kaiju trend but don’t honestly see a home for kaiju in comics that focuses on the genre specifically. I want to explore that more and give new creators a place to tell their stories.

Lastly, where people can find Kaiju Gods?
Right now on Kickstarter. Here’s a link: http://kck.st/2EuyVlK

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