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The Indie Index – Indie Character Showcase

I’ve been thinking a lot about the blood, sweat and tears that creators put into the creative projects and why people enjoy them as much as they do. Characters are often what people relate to and helps keep them fully invested in a story. So, I put the question out into the wide, wide world and asked: What is your favourite indie comic book character and why?


Kevin Joseph:
I just met Tim Stiles’ Knockaround Guy today and he was badass. I also really dig Icicle from Josh Dahl & Shawn Langley’s Rapid City: Below Zero. Knockaround Guy works because the absurdity of a talking gorilla working with a mime is juxtaposed by pretty straight noir narration. Icicle works because she’s had everything taken away from her and she has no interest in getting what she lost back. She’s only interested in making the person who did it pay.
Pat Shand:
Strangers in Paradise. Incredible longterm character development, broadly focused narrative that always comes back to the core characters and themes, and the best artist/writer to ever do it telling the story he is most passionate about.

Belinda Fernandez chimes in: I don’t have much to add in the way of praise or explanation (such a great book!) – only that reading it made my heart hurt sometimes, and it made me joyful other times….and sometimes I would get so mad at the characters for making such horrible life decisions – in other words, the characters felt like real people, with everything that entails, good and bad and in-between.
Pat Shand replied: YES 100% agreed. I felt so much the same way.
Angela Fullard:
Ghost, a character from The Derogatory Tales of Franklin and Ghost by Garrett Gunn and drawn by Nicolas Touris, because he’s a flying skull and he’s adorable and I love him so much for real.
Ian C.Thomas:
Skywise in Elfquest, early Cerebus the Aardvark, Maggie the Mechanic in Love &

Rockets,and Ted the Bug in Bone. The most important aspects for me are good character writing, an appealing visual look, compelling plot, and no confusion in narrative structure.
Kyle J. Kaczmarczyk:
Hellboy. I love how it pulls from all sorts of folklore and mythology, as well as Lovecraft and old Hammer/Universal monster movies. I also love how blue collar Hellboy is. He approaches it like a job even when he’s saving the world. Finally, I absolutely adore the art. Mignola and Duncan Fegredo are my favorites but there isn’t an issue I don’t enjoy.
Darryl Martin:
I’ll give Killeroo a plug. Although I always want to know where That Bullet Proof Kid was going. For TBPK it’s because there I feel like I’m left asking more questions than I’m getting answers. It’s halfway between suspenseful and frustrating.
As for ‘Roo, I’m stuck more on the concept, a mash of Mad Max and TMNT.
They are both characters I would love to work on as a creator.

Trevor Richardson:
Definitely Spider Jerusalem. As a diehard Hunter S. Thompson fan, a lifelong sci fi lover, and someone who enjoys a political point made in the most hilarious, incendiary way possible, Transmetropolitan remains my all time favorite comic.
I (Mike) decide to butt in: HST is my favourite writer.
Richardson then says: I don’t know who I’d rank above him. I like all kinds of stuff, mostly geeky stuff. I’d say he’s my favorite “serious” writer by a lot.
Patrick Buermeyer:
Punk Rock Jesus. I think Sean Murphy is the best artist in comics right now. This was one of his earlier and maybe most unadulterated go wild and do sick art books since he had total creative control. In addition to that it has some really poignant social commentary and really rich characters.

And some more characters that you cant help but love…

Nathan Yocum: Tank Girl! Brilliant character.
Ed Bickford: SCUD! Just the concept is imaginative and the book is humorous.
Tad Pietrzykowski: Nexus by Baron & Rude – interstellar executioner – great space-opera & it debuted at the exact same time as The Dark Nebula (oops!).
Theodore Riddle: My favorite Indy Comics is “The Colony of the Damned” by Rhino Rinaldi. This comic is extremely detailed and dares to go where no one has gone before in a Horror Comic. This a must read for people who like that kind of stuff.
Gene Hoyle: The classic Elementals. It deconstructed heroes long before Watchmen. Specifically Ratman from that book. He was a fun villain who sort of fell into a hero role.
Olivier Walgraffe: Too many to choose from but I’ll go with One-Eye from Orc Stain. A loveable rogue main character in a fully fledged Orc world drawn with crazy details by James Stokoe. Now when can I finally get issue #8?
Marc Lombardi: Invincible because he feels like a genuinely new character and I’ve been able to be there from early on. Additionally, the surrounding cast and Universe that Kirkman and Ottley/Walker created for him is vast and great.
Chris Thomasma: Dimitris Moore’s Telza or William Satterwhite’s Stealth. What I like about Telza: Her personality is a very intriguing personality & making her a college student/hero gives her a uniqueness. What I like about Stealth: He’s not an average black hero or speedster. He’s like a black Peter Parker & his alias Stealth is like if Batman were a speedster.
Article by Mike Speakman.

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