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The Greatest Comic Book Covers #4

Welcome back to the next installment of our regular series, The Greatest Comic Book Covers. We have a fitting issue for the fourth part in this series. To the stars!

Cover dated February 1969, The Silver Surfer #4 screamed “iconic cover alert!” as soon as it hit the shelves. Featuring the art of the legendary John Buscema Silver Surfer #4 pits the Rider of the Spaceways against the Asgardian God of Thunder himself! 

The black and purple background make the two headline characters stand out but it’s the kinetic energy that Buscema really captures with the Surfer flying headlong into the God of Thunder, with the Asgardian winding up the mighty Mjolnir to do battle. With Thor standing on the Bifrost and Asgard in the background this cover has stood the test of time and has inspired many homage covers, most recently a beautiful rendition by the great Joe Jusko.

With the Silver Surfer now possibly making his way into the Marvel Cinematic Universe after Disney’s acquisition of FOX, fans can now dream of a cinematic recreation of this now classic cover.

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