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The Flash Season 5 – The Story So Far

With The Flash settling nicely into Season 5, let’s have a recap on events so far. SPOILER WARNING! 



Team Flash comes in contact with Nora, Barry and Iris’ daughter from the future, while Iris shows delight, Barry shows concern that she could configure the timeline based on his own mistake using time travel. The Flash Team comes in encounters a new metahuman (Gridlock), Gridlock has the power to harness kinetic energy, and Barry suits up in past costumes since his last one was devastated. At the point when Barry attempts to send Nora home, Wally uncovers that Nora’s blood is saturated with negative tachyons, which keeps her from utilizing the Speed Force or the Legends’ Waverider to time travel. Barry asks Nora the end result for him later on, with Nora uncovering that he never returns after disappearing in 2024 and that she traveled back in time to meet him. Gridlock makes a plane fall, so Barry, Nora, Wally, and Cisco collaborate to stop it, with Nora providing Barry with a Flash ring suit. They phase the plane through strong structures before it lands securely in the river. While Gridlock is being transported to jail, the vehicle is assaulted by a veiled person, who reveals to Gridlock that he intends to wipe out all metahumans before moving toward him with a lightning-shaped dagger.



Barry battles to prepare the energetic Nora, who gets herself hired as a CSI assistant to spend more time with her dad, much to Iris’ distress. Caitlin and Ralph endeavor to help Cisco in the result of his separation with Gypsy, with Cisco in the long run accepting that Gypsy isn’t who he intended to be with. Caitlin declines to seek after that her dad may even now be alive, regardless of Ralph’s request. Cecile begins to lose her telepathy and battles to connect with her child without having the ability to know her thoughts. Then, another meta called Block, who can make block of thick air, takes weapons from her old gang, while trying to stop her, the group has their first experience with Cicada, the masked man who executed Gridlock. He stabs Block, however Nora figures out how to speed her far from the scene. Cicada at that point uses his dagger to kill the team’s force, beats them extremely, and almost slaughters Barry before Nora drives him off. Cisco vibes with Caitlin, discovering that her mom was involved with her dad’s disappearing. Iris uncovers that she has been investigating Cicada, and the group finds that Nora definitely knows about him.


“The Death of Vibe”

The team initiate Harrison Sherloque Wells to assist them in catching Cicada, who Nora uncovers is unstopable in future time. Caitlin and Ralph go up against Caitlin’s mom, who denies manufacturing her husband’s birth certificate. They later break into her records and discover a suicide note from Caitlin’s dad. Sherloque pinpoints Cicada as David Hersch, as he was previously correct 37 times. Because of Nora’s tampering with the timeline notwithstanding, his identity on Earth-1 is different. Cicada assaults Joe to bait out Vibe and when Cisco arrives, Cicada breaks his arm after stabbing him. Barry arrives, however is effortlessly defeated. Nora institutes a blast to drive Cicada off, which results in Cisco’s evident death. Be that as it may, Cisco returns, having utilized a breach machine to get away. With the public and Cicada trusting that Vibe is dead, Sherloque consents to encourage the group. Caitlin decodes a concealed message from her dad, Thomas, requesting that she come find him. Cicada visits his comatose niece in the hospital. Nora consents to remain with her folks, in spite of her apparently stressed relationship with Iris. Sherloque starts to presume that Nora isn’t in 2018 for the reasons she gave.


“News Flash”

The team find articles about XS, composed by one of Iris’ previous associates, Spencer Young, which are altogether published just before the events happen. Iris contacts Spencer, requesting that she avoid placing XS in her articles so as to protect Nora. Spencer is revealed to be in control of a telephone that enables her to control individuals’ minds so she can make articles for her blog. Nora uncovers she has a strained relationship with Iris in light of the fact that later on, the latter implanted her with a meta dampening chip that constrains her forces. Barry and Nora go to the stadium when a bomb threat is reported, where Spencer utilizes her tech to hypnotize XS into attempting to murder the Flash. Iris in the long run stops XS by shooting her with a sedative dart, allowing Nora to regain her mind and Barry to capture Spencer. The group discovers that Spencer’s telephone and Cicada’s blade have Meta capacities, made from DeVoe’s satellite blast, which means meta-tech, could be in the hands of anybody. It is later uncovered that Cicada has super-strength.


“All Doll’d Up”

Barry and Nora go to stop two criminal on motorcycles, with Iris getting baffled when Nora cuts her coms. Nora uncovers that in the future; Iris is continually pestering her and never allows her to make inquiries about her past. Nora goes to spend some time with Cecile, discovering more about Iris from her. Afterward, another meta called Rag Doll assaults an architect downtown and destroyed his office, however the Flash spares him. Iris and Barry attempt to investigate the new meta, yet the latter gets caught by Rag Doll and held prisoner on a housetop with power dampening cuffs (though the villain’s unaware of Barry’s abilities). Ralph and Iris go to save Barry, with Iris jumping off the building herself to remove Barry’s cuffs and enabling him to spare them. Ralph gulps down Rag Doll before turning into an airbag to arrive securely. Iris discloses to Nora nothing is beyond reach with her, and the two begin to grow closer. In the meantime, Cisco and Caitlin investigates her dad and track him to a college office and a chem lab, however discover nothing. Cisco effectively takes control of DeVoe’s four satellites, which can be utilized to attempt and find both Caitlin’s dad’s and Cicada’s hideouts.



 “The Icicle Cometh”

Barry, Cisco and Caitlin finds her dad, Thomas, in an  arctic facility and bring him to S.T.A.R. Labs while whatever remains of Team Flash keep on examining Cicada’s character. After his arm begins changing into ice, Thomas reveals that in his endeavor to fix his ALS, and to treat the ALS quality in Caitlin, the trials brought about them both creating ice powers, however it appears to be killing him, so Caitlin starts working on a cure to save his life. Thomas claims he never showed anyother identity like Killer Frost, yet Cisco is suspicious. He teleports back to Thomas’ lab, where he finds “Thomas” is really an alternate personality wearing skin grafts to pose as him. Caitlin does not trust Cisco until the point when she understands the serum she made could murder her dad’s human side. Her dad’s alter ego “Icicle” develops and endeavors to murder Team Flash with total zero temperatures, yet Caitlin turns out to be resistant. With whatever is left of the group incapacitated, Killer Frost returns and thrashings Icicle. After the real Thomas quickly shows, Icicle knocks Killer Frost back and escapes without the serum. Team Flash establishes that Dominic Lanse/Brainstorm’s forces caused Killer Frost’s vanishing and they additionally learn the name of Cicada’s niece, Grace.


“O Come, All Ye Thankful”

Grace is in the hospital and Dr. Ambres stops Barry from visiting her. Barry and Nora must stop a freak lightning storm from hitting the city’s power grid. Team Flash speculate Mark Mardon, however Nora and Barry experience his estranged daughter rather, Joss Jackam/Weather Witch, using a climate control staff like her dad. Barry and Nora convey Mardon to her so as to make her stop however without much of any result. Rather, an enraged Joss assaults an air terminal with a lightning tornado. Barry utilizes Mardon’s wand to absorb Joss’ lightning and subdue her. Team Flash at last unveals Cicada’s identiity: Orlin Dwyer. In flashbacks Orlin is show adopting Grace after the death of her mom’s in a metahuman assault while bonding, debris from DeVoe’s satellite places Grace in a trance like state (coma) and pierces Orlin with shrapnel that would later turn into his knife. Censuring metahumans for what occurred; Orlin promises to eradicate them all for Grace’s benefit.



What’s Past Is Prologue”

Barry and Nora time travel to gather items needed to stop Cicada; a highly magnetic alloy from Savitar’s armor, Harry Wells’ Speed Force transmitter, and dark matter. They first travel to Team Flash’s final battle with Savitar. After a Time Wraith appears, Barry distracts it so Nora can retrieve a piece of the armor. They next travel to when Zoom stole Barry’s speed for the transmitter, which Barry obtains from Harry. Zoom discovers Barry and Nora and gives chase before he is stopped by the Time Wraith; though this breaks the transmitter in the process. Even though he is reluctant, Nora convinces Barry to ask Eobard Thawne for help. Despite some initial difficulty, Barry convinces Eobard to fix the transmitter by claiming he will never get home if he does not. Finally, Barry and Nora travel to the night of the particle accelerator explosion. In the Time Vault, Gideon reroutes part of the dark matter through the shard and transmitter, and Barry reveals to Nora that Thawne killed his mother. Back in the present, Team Flash separates Cicada from his dagger temporarily before he escapes. Nora returns to 2049 to confront Eobard Thawne at Iron Heights.


Elseworlds, Part 1″

On a decimated Earth-90, the Flash is seen crawling towards a book, but a mysterious stranger picks it up and uses it to destroy that reality; though the Flash escapes. On Earth-1, the stranger presents the book to Arkham Asylum psychiatrist Dr. John Deegan, and instructs him to rewrite reality as he sees fit. The following morning, under threatening red skies, Oliver Queen and Barry discover that they have swapped lives, with everyone believing they’re each other. When they seek the assistance of Team Flash, they don’t believe them and lock Barry and Oliver in the pipeline. Barry and Oliver use each other’s abilities to escape and convince a reluctant Iris to allow them to flee to Earth-38 to enlist the help of Kara Danvers / Supergirl and her cousin, Clark Kent / Superman. Back on Earth-1, the heroes join forces to stop A.M.A.Z.O., an android that can copy their abilities. They stop the android and, after seeing a vision of the stranger from Cisco, they realize they must travel to Gotham City.

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