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The Black Panther Spoiler Free Review

Black Panther, the MCU’s 18th addition to its list of great movies has just hit the cinema’s and it lives up to Marvel’s movie reputation. Being the penultimatemovie before Avengers Infinity War hits, Black Panther introduces an entire new culture and people to the MCU and it is fantastic!


After the events of Civil War, T’Challa returns home to Wakanda to be crowned king. He must try to emulate his father T’Chaka in being the best ruler he can while protecting his people as the ‘Black Panther’. Going on several missions to stop old enemies and threats, T’Challa encounters a new arch-nemesis and must protect the people he loves from him.


  • A new culture and setting for the MCU, dealing with real life situations and problems
  • A brilliant portrayal of ‘Erik Killmonger’ by Michael B Jordan giving us one of the MCU’s finest villains!
  • Visually stunning costumes, settings and effects with non-stop action and a catchy soundtrack by well-known artists


  • Not enough link to Avengers Infinity War
  • Not enough screen time or action scenes for Michael B Jordan’s ‘Erik Killmonger’

My Review & Rating

I truly struggled writing and thinking of negatives for Black Panther, it was truly mesmerising. The story and character backgrounds were unique, the setting was beautiful, the hero was worthy of being king and of course the star of the show Michael B Jordan’s performance was the one of the best in MCU history giving us a villain who we felt sorry for but found awesome at the same time!

9/10 – “Long live the king and welcome to the MCU!” 

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