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Super Mario Odyssey Review

Get your Switch out, enter the Odyssey and travel the Mario world! Mario and Cappy embark on an adventurous journey to save Peach and stop Bowser and his Wedding Planners. Our teen blogger Izzy LFC gives you the low down on the latest (and greatest?) in the Super Mario franchise!



Summary –

After Bowser reveals his plans to marry Peach, Mario and his new friend Cappy who can transform into nearly everything embarks on an adventurous journey chasing his ship and stopping the wedding planners. Going to kingdoms such as Wood, Snow, Seaside, Luncheon, Metro and of course Bowser Castle, Mario ends up defeating Bowser and leaving with Peach on his Odyssey.

Positives –                                               

  • Power Moons require completion of Campaign and exploration in the free roaming element
  • “Cappy” replaces the power-ups with more variety, you can even play as Bowser himself
  • The game is never really over

Negatives –

  • Easy and repetitive Boss levels
  • Power Moons can be too easy to find
  • Motion controls and Camera angles need fixing

My Rating and Review


This is one of the greatest games I’ve ever played, and the greatest Mario game after Galaxy of course. There were so many positives like the kingdom variation, my favourite being New Donk city and The Crazy Cap stores allowing you to customise your character. Exploration is the key element thqt gives SMO its charm and it is already and essential for the Nintendo Switch!

9/10 – “A near perfect” 


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