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Steve Ditko 1927 – 2018

Legendary comic book creator and artist passes at the age of 90.

Steve Ditko, famed artist and comic book creator, has died at the age of 90. A celebrated artist and a pillar of the groundbreaking Marvel Age of Comics of the early 1960’s, Ditko was credited with numerous creations and co-creations, most famously Spider-Man. His unique style is credited with pushing the boundaries of comic book art and was perfectly in tune with the psychedelic 60’s.

The comic book industry was quick to pay tribute to Ditko.

“Steve Ditko was true to his own ideals. He saw things his own way, and he gave us ways of seeing that were unique. Often copied. Never equalled. I know I’m a different person because he was in the world.” Neil Gaiman

“Spider-Man. Dr. Strange. The Question. The Creeper. Shade the Changing Man. Hawk & Dove. He worked with @Marvel AND @DCComics. Such an astounding imagination and the awesome ability to back it up. Thank you #SteveDitko, for sharing your genius and enriching American Pop Culture.” Kevin Smith

“Today, the Marvel family mourns the loss of Steve Ditko. Steve transformed the industry and the Marvel Universe, and his legacy will never be forgotten. Our thoughts are with his family, loved ones, and fans during this sad time,” said Marvel Entertainment President Dan Buckley in a statement released Friday night.

“Only a small group of individuals can claim that they have effected and redefined not just an industry, but popular culture worldwide. Steve Ditko was one of those few who dared to break molds every time his pencil and pen hit a blank sheet of paper,” said Marvel Chief Creative Officer Joe Quesada.

“A Ditko comic never looked like anyone else’s,” said DC Entertainment Publisher Dan DiDio. “Aside from his deceptively simple art style—which was uniquely Ditko’s—he was a master at plotting and filling his stories with energy.”

“Steve Ditko’s impact and achievements are legendary,” said DC Entertainment Chief Creative Officer and Publisher Jim Lee. “The work he created will live on for generations to come.”



A notoriously private man, Ditko was rarely seen or heard from since his controversial departure from Marvel comics ending a legendary 38 issue run on Amazing Spider-Man. He even refused to appear in Jonathan Ross’s BBC documentary chronicling his life and times. For Ditko, it wasn’t about the fame or the glorification of his personality. As he once said, “I never talk about myself. My work is me. I do my best, and if I like it, I hope somebody else likes it, too.”

I think it’s safe to say that there are a fair few who liked his work too.


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