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Rok of The Reds – Interview With John Wagner

Geek Genie caught up with legendary comic book creator John Wagner to talk about the 2018 slated sequal to “Rok of The Reds”. Get ready for aliens, action and football! 


GG: For those who didn’t pick up the first series, can you tell our audience a bit about Rok of the Reds?

JW: To escape galactic assassins, mighty alien shape-changer Rok of the Arkadii flees to the far reaches of the galaxy – the planet Earth – where to conceal himself he assumes the identity of the first human he encounters – bad boy footballer Kyle Dixon.   In this identity Rok develops a deep fascination with the game – a fascination that may end in death as his pursuers are hot on his tail.

GG: There’s a long tradition of football themed comic books that came out of the UK. Do you see this as a continuation of that tradition? How did you and Alan Grant come up with the idea of Rok?

JW: In many ways it’s a homage to the comics we grew up reading, with a distinctly futuristic twist. Alan and I were developing a new anthology comic (later abandoned) and wanted a football story in the mix.  How could we create a football story with a difference?   With the world’s first alien footballer, perhaps…


GG: Do you have to be a football fan to enjoy the series?

JW: It’s the reason a few people have given for not dipping their toes in, even though I explain that you don’t need to know anything about football, you can hate football, doesn’t matter – the game is merely a vehicle to carry the story.  You won’t get bogged down in it.

GG: With the second series on the horizon, readers will have a chance to get up to speed with Rok with the launch of the trade paperback collecting the first series. When is the trade paperback being released? 

JW: We’re hoping April ‘18, though May may be a more likely date.   Apart from more normal channels copies will be available via my Facebook page, or artist Dan Cornwell’s.  Can’t give you a date for the second series yet.

GG: Without giving away spoilers for those who haven’t yet read the first series, what can Rok expect to face in the new series?

JW: Magic, danger, nail-biting action and a devilish offside trap.


GG: Well you can’t argue with that! Thanks for your time Jon and good luck with Rok of the Reds!

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