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Netflix’s The Punisher Review

First appearing in Daredevil Season 2 and reappearing after the credits of The Defenders Season 1, Frank Castle is on a mission of retribution to avenge the death of his beloved wife and children. The gory and gruesome tale delves deep into Castle’s past, New York’s police investigations and The Punisher’s one-man war on crime!


Frank Castle is widely believed to be dead. Only a handful of close friends know the truth – that Frank Castle and The Punisher are alive and well. While killing everyone involved in the tragic death of his family, he gets caught up in the action when a homeland security agent is on a mission to find the truth about Castle and the US army’s actions in Afghanistan. Frank meets some friends along the way, but with allies come enemies too. The Punisher is locked and loaded for some brutal action




  • Great action scenes
  • Deep, relatable and realistic plot
  • A good interpretation of the comic book character



  • At times was ultra-violent. Was that necessary?
  • Slow at times
  • Hardly any link to Marvel’s Netflix Universe


My Rating & Review

The Punisher was a fantastic,critically acclaimed show. It explored interesting themes such as war, the role of government both home and abroad. It also brought the Frank Castle character, a Vietnam war vet in the comic book world, relevant for todays audience.



8/10 – “One of 2017’s best TV shows” – IzzyLFC

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