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Maze Runner The Death Cure Review

The Death Cure is the epic finale to the Maze Runner trilogy we have all been waiting for. Thomas and his allies are back to stop WCKD from taking Minho and sacrificing him for a cure. Meeting old friends and new enemies along the way, Thomas has to fight his way through WCKD’s army to save his friends and the world.


After Minho was captured by WCKD, Thomas must live up to his promise and find Minho. He must go through the worst of the scorched earth and even reunite with the deadly maze of the first movie. Coming across several new allies and enemies, Thomas will do whatever it takes to stop WCKD and fight for survival.




  • A great finale and a wicked twist!
  • A consistent trilogy of movies that could live up to great titles such as ‘The Lord of the Rings’‘The Dark Knight’ and even the original ‘Star Wars’
  • Action packed with great cinematography, visual effects and characterisation.
The gap was too long between ‘The Scorch Trials’ and “The Death Cure” meaning audiences may have forgotten key details.
Minho’s role was a tad overplayed.
At times there was too much going on leaving the audience confused.
My Review & Rating
A really enjoyable end to a solid trilogy of movies. They had everything! Bone chilling scares, zombies, action-packed drama and tension, The Death Cure is a roller coaster adventure that hits all the right notes. 


8/10 – “A fantastic movie, making the trilogy set one of the best out there.” 

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