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Issue #1 of “Pop Monthly” Kicks off With “Marvelous March!”

Introducing my new monthly pop-zine “Pop Monthly”! Every month I will be releasing a new issue of “Pop Monthly” featuring news, reviews, Top 10’s and spotlights on the new and look backs at the old. In the month of March, “Pop Monthly” will be focusing on Marvel Entertainment, from it’s comic books, movies, TV series to anything else produced by The House of Ideas. Welcome to the beginning of “Pop Monthly” and make sure to comment your ideas and thoughts!


New Infinity War Hot Toys!

Avengers Infinity War is at the top of the headlines as it’s the most anticipated film of the year, it may be the most of all time! After RDJ convinced Marvel to set the release date to April 27th, the extremely realistic models created by Hot Toys have been released. A model of Captain America, Thor and Iron Man give us a better idea of how they will appear in the film. And of course, this life size Infinity Gauntlet is just gorgeous to look at! Comment below if you want the life-size Infinity Gauntlet!


Spotlight: Marvel Unlimited!

Just recently, I purchased a Marvel Unlimited subscription, and it’s truly Marvelous. Marvel Unlimited is an app that allows you to read over 15,000 digital comic books. So far, I have read Avengers vs X-men, Thor Ragnarok, Black Panther (2016), Infinity and many more retro issues…All in one week! It is a great resource for all you comic book fans and I recommend purchasing it. It allows you to search by writer, character, series, event or even publication date! Have fun with Marvel Unlimited and comment below if you have any thoughts or experiences with it!


Marvel’s Agents of Shield Season 5 Recap


Marvel’s Agents of Shield season 5 has been the best show on TV this year, in my opinion of course. The new season provides with a completely new storyline following up from the end of Season 4. With the return of the show this week, I thought it be right to briefly recap the season for you. After the incident in the diner last season, the team wake up on a mysterious ship…in space. Avoiding monsters, they realise that they have been transported into the future. A future where humanity is near extinct and ruled by the Kree. The team get themselves stuck in all sorts of situations. Daisy is known as the “World destroyer” and must escape the inhuman trade prison. The team must get back to their own time, or they will perish and meet their doom! Comment below what you thought of the first half of AOS!


MCU stars Karl Urban “Skurge”, Karen Gillen “Nebula” and comic book legend Andy Kubert to appear at MEFCC!

The Middle-East Film & Comic Con is back, and it will be a big one! I have attended every comic con in Dubai since 2012, they have all been brilliant meeting stars such as Anthony Mackie, Hayley Atwell, Randy Orton and Kane. I also have won the Marvel quiz competition 3 years in a row, which gave me hot toys and signed MCU posters! This year, stars like Karl Urban, Karen Gillen and Andy Kubert will be appearing and I hope to interview at least one of them. Comment below if you are excited for MEFCC!



Top 5 Marvel Movie Posters


To finish the first issue of Pop monthly, I end with two Top 5 lists on movie posters and comic book covers. I hope you enjoy, and comment if you agreed or not!


5. Ant Man


This is a bold move by Marvel, but hilarious if you see it!


4. Logan

A simple poster, for a simply great movie. Wolverine at his best.


3. Thor Ragnarok 


Taika Waititi’s funky take on Thor, very exciting and colourful.

2. Black Panther


Just beautiful to look at, exactly like Wakanda!


1 . Avengers Infinity War Infinity War Poster, Thanos. Nothing more to be said!


MCU heroes, Thanos. Nuff’ said!

Top 5 Comic Book Covers

5. Fantastic Four #49.

Fittingly we start with a Jack “The King” Kirby cover! What an awesome way to start the list, the first look at Galactus! 

4. The Infinity Gauntlet #1 

The first cover to one of Marvel’s most important ever stories! George Perez brings Thanos and his mad quest for the Infinity Gauntlet to life!


3. Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars #1


The first real Event of the Marvel Universe!  Mick Zeck hit the ball out of the park with this awesome cover showcasing some of Marvel’s heavy hitters!

2. The Amazing Spider-Man #50


1 . Silver Surfer No.4 Silver Surfer

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