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Introducing “Fallen Idols” Digital Indie Comic

Firstly, thank you to Jesse Sarwar for introducing me to this site. Secondly I’d like to say hi to everyone here, this is the first blog I’ve ever done. And thirdly, I’d like to share with you all something I’ve been working on, finished working on and now working on the Sequel.

Introducing “Fallen Idols” a downloadable comic book PDF. It’s a Fantasy adventure comic book which is set in the kingdom of Barlingnor where magic is slowly fading out and Science is slowly stepping in. It’s a place filled with adventure, action, mystery and intrigue The first issue “The fall of Mountainwood” begins with a noblemen Lecain. His stage coach broke a wheel while travelling on the way to the other side of the kingdom to Mountainwood. Fortunately for him a friendly blacksmith has offered to give him a ride the rest of the way. Yet things things are not what they seem as something appears to be stalking them, and a there’s something else which has their destination in their sights. Written and Illustrated by Steven Edwards. (that’s me!) its 28 Pages Full Color Width: 210mm Height: 297mm at 200Dpi Now a Little more on the series and what to expect here: Fallen idols is something I started from scratch 2 years ago after discovering just how easy it could be to self publish. I use a program called “Inkscape” which is a free version of Illustrator, “Gimp” which is a free version of Photoshop. Then I use websites to convert the files into a PDF format. I self publish on etsy.com which is very cheap to use and easy to manage. In future blog posts I plan to give a much more detailed process on how I go about making the comic book for those who have an interest in making comic books but don’t have the drawing skills to support and working on a small budget. All you need is a reasonable computer (perhaps even a unreasonable computer will do). I’ll also be giving blog posts about my progression on my current second issue. Finally a little bit about me: My name is Steve Edwards, I’ve been writing comics from early childhood, I’ve always kept an even balance between my art and my writing and always wanted to put them into use but could never find the right way to approach it. For many years I’ve been trying to get into graphic design with little success and I eventually decided if I no one would let me into their business then I would go into business myself. I like to think that the past 5 years have led me little by little to this point. In the future some things I’d like to look into is getting the series printed into a graphic novel and have an actual physical copy. But that will have to wait for now as it costs a bit more than I’d like and I want to finish more issues before that. I’ll be allowing comments too to answer any questions with my audience that anyone may have, so feel free to reply in the comments below and say hi and let me know what you think. LINK TO FALLEN IDOLS COMIC BOOK ON ETSY

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