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Stranger Things 2 Review

Geek Genie's very own teenage geek IzzyLFC runs the rule over the Netflix smash hit, Stranger Things Season 2.   After the massive success of Stranger Things Season 1, which I binged watched in 2 nights, Netflix released the second season of this critically acclaimed series. And it did not disappoint, it was brilliant…or should I say terrifyingly brilliant! Summary - After Will returns from the upside down, he still has post-traumatic stress and sees a humongous shadow figure in the upside down. Eleven is alive and living with Hopper in secret, she also finds out more about her past. Mike, Lucas and Dustin find a new member for their crew called Max and Nancy, Steve and Jonathan have to go Demogorgon hunting once again. Positives - Characters are more likeable such as Steve and Bob Newby A new and scarier Monster or Monsters Sub-plots in the show, for example...
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