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Top 5 Anticipated Games Before 2018

It's nearly 2018, but we still have highly anticipated games yet to be released this year. Here are my top 5 anticipated PS4 games of the remaining few months of 2017   5."Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2"   I loved the first Lego Marvel Superheroes game. It was funny, had a good story and was fun in the free roaming element. I nearly completed all of the game, give or take a couple of golden bricks here and there. I'm sure that the second installment of the franchise will also be a brilliant addition to the Lego games on PS4.                   4."Call of Duty WWII" The last few COD games other than Black Ops III have been nothing but disappointment with futuristic styles, however finally Sledgehammer games have changed that. Going back to its roots, COD goes to the second world war...
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Rick Bent
Yes, I agree that these are the expected games of 2018. I have heard that Call of Duty World War 2 includes new and iconic Multipl... Read More
Wednesday, 27 June 2018 07:30
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