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Cruise to Launch Universal Monster-verse with The Mummy

Universal Pictures will finally get their wish with a shared universe for their iconic monsters and it all kicks off this summer.


It's been a long time coming and quite a few false dawns, but Universal Pictures will finally get their wish. This summer will see the launch of their very own "monster-verse" with the release of The Mummy. Briging all the Universal monsters together in a shared universe has often been seen as a mission impossible, so surely if anyone was going to lead a successful charge for Universal it would be Tom Cruise. 

Tom Cruise

Cruise will play Nick Morton and will be a pivotal character in the universe moving forward.

The story is set in the present day, a departure from the traditional period setting for most Mummy iterations.











The Mummy will also introduce audiences to Dr.Jekyll played by Russell Crowe and will lead into his own movie.

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 Judging by the trailer released today, The Mummy will be as much action as it will be horror with Universal looking to tap into Tom Cruise's continued box office appeal.

The Mummy will be released June 9, 2017

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Sunday, 22 September 2019
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