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  • With The Flash settling nicely into Season 5, let's have a recap on events so far. SPOILER WARNING!  SEASON 5 EPISODE 1  "Nora" Team Flash comes in contact with Nora, Barry and Iris’ daughter from the future, while Iris shows delight, Barry shows concern that she could configure the timeline based on his own mistake using time travel. The Flash Team comes in encounters a new metahuman (Gridlock), Gridlock has the power to harness kinetic energy, and Barry suits up in past costumes since his last one was devastated. At the point when Barry attempts to send Nora home, Wally uncovers that Nora's blood is saturated with negative tachyons, which keeps her from utilizing the Speed Force or the Legends' Waverider to time travel. Barry asks Nora the end result for him later on, with Nora uncovering that he never returns after disappearing in 2024 and that she traveled back...
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