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    Stan Lee 1922 - 2018
    As news of Stan Lee's passing reverberates around the world, Geek Genie pays tribute to "The Man". Although most of us knew this day was coming, it was still hard to take. At 95 years of age, Stanley Martin Lieber, had passed. He had lived his best life. In recent months, the signs were there that Stan may not be of this mortal plane for much longer. After his beloved wife Joan passed away in 2017 also at the age of 95, his health slowly deteriorated. Stan Lee's place in comic book and indeed pop-culture history is already assured. He was instrumental in turning a fledgling Marvel Comics into a powerhouse which shunted to one side the old established order represented by DC Comics. Lee's penchant for hyperbole saw him add the strapline "The World's Greatest Comic Magazine" to the Fantastic Four comic...after only two issues! But it was precisely...
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