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  • As pop-culture fans across the world digested the news of Stan Lee's passing, DC Comics paid there own tribute to "The Man".   Given  all  his achievements in comic books, entertainment and pop culture, Stan Lee’s nickname, “The Man,” was both well earned and well deserved. From his time as a teenage assistant at then Timely Comics, through his collaborations with fellow icons like Jack Kirby ,  Steve  Ditko , John Romita Sr. and John  Buscema , plus his  tireless promotion of comic books to a mainstream audience , Lee was  in no small part  responsible for raising the profile of comic books  to make  them accessible to everyone.   “Without  Stan Lee’s  fertile and creative mind , endless energy and work ethic, comic books would have been completely different from what  we know  and enjoy  today,” said DC Publisher Dan DiDio.  “He helped to create worlds that were both...
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