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    Mental illness - or Mental Illness, depending on how you envision it - is a topic that has worked its way into the comic book medium, for better or for worse. The topic travels different paths in the various taless that it is featured in, you'll never find yourself reading a story that defines mental illness in the same way as others. The War For Kaleb is a story that takes the topic and merges it with the superhero genre.  The War For Kaleb by Jason Pittman is currently on Kickstarter so read this interview and check the campaign out.   Introduce yourself:    I'm Jason Pittman.  I am a self published writer/artist for the series Leftovers, and most currently The War for Kaleb, which is a superhero story about an anxiety disorder that I have just launched a Kickstarter for.  I went to the School of Visual Arts in NYC,...
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