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Konami scores with PES 2017

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PES 2017 set to build on critically acclaimed 2016 version. The latest installment of the Pro Evolution Soccer franchise hit the shelves worldwide to yet more critical acclaim, with many industry reviews describing the football game as the best ever.  Konami's move to the Fox engine has proved a sound move for the Japanese based game maker with long term (and some would say long suffering) fans decsribing the latest iteration as a return to the glory days for PES. But will it beat arch rivals FIFA as the best football game of 2017? Well it depends on the criterion used to judge both games. Based on sales alone FIFA will surely wipe the floor with PES and EA Sports has done well to continue to add "whistles and bells" to it's format with a new Career Mode charting the rise of a young hopeful, Alex Hunter recieving rave reviews....
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