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The Indie Index - Kickstarter Spotlight: Voodoo Detective

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Before we go any further, can we please take a moment to recognise how cool of a title 'VOODOO DETECTIVE' is?! Rik Favino contacted me to shine a light on his current Kickstarter campaign for VOODOO DETECTIVE. Gladly! VOODOO DETECTIVE: Old Wounds and Other Tales is a 48-Page Occult/Pulp/Horror Comic, starring Jackson Delmond, New Orleans’ resident Occult Investigator; a man who must use his strange gifts to defend against deadly threats, amidst the swamp-filled, supernatural South. Featuring the gorgeous artwork of Dominic Black, the visually stunning colors of Laura Lee and written by the esteemed R. Thomas Favino, VOODOO DETECTIVE: Old Wounds and Other Tales is the first book in a new comic series, which boasts four separate, serial anthology-style stories. Check out the Kickstarter campaign HERE .
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