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The Indie Index - Review - The Pale #1-2

Dawn and Logan Coffee
The Pale opens with coffee, okay I'm listening. The coffee machine is broken and now I feel for these characters. Now that I've mentioned coffee and have gotten you invested, let's talk about The Pale. Police procedural type comics are great, especially when they're based in a small rural town where everyone knows everyone. It's a guilty pleasure of mine. Only if the dialogue and pacing is right, though. The Pale ticks all of the boxes. Perfect timing, great dialogue and realistic characters. Fabares’ art isn't what I'd expect to show up in a comic of the crime genre. I was expecting gritty, loose art which seems to be the trend. However, the lines are crisp and they serve their purpose. The art is almost playful, at times, but you know what? It works. There's a simplicity behind the art that's completely endearing. The art fits perfectly to The Pale. Without...
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