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The Indie Index - Interview with Theodore Riddle

The Indie Index - Interview with Theodore Riddle
I'm just putting it out there that this is the most in-depth interview that I've ever been a part of. Theodore Riddle is a person who clearly knows what he wants and goes for it, tooth and nail. Here's the interview, please enjoy!   Hey Theodore! First things first those those who may not know you, tell us a little about yourself. A misconception about Monolith Comics is that I am a Publisher which I am, but I am mainly a self published artist. Monolith Comics is just the imprint under which I have established my business for tax reasons to self publish my creation entitled Compu-M.E.C.H., Mechanically Engineered and Computerized Hero® and the universe which surrounds the story. I have done all the writing, penciling, inking and lettering of all of my twenty-seven 128 page black and white graphic novels. This has been the effort of twenty years worth...
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