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CW's Crisis on Earth X Review

Crisis on Earth-X is 2017's CW wide crossover, and it is the best one yet! Tonnes of action, past references and plot twists, Crisis on Earth-X definitley delivers!   Synopsis: Earth-X is the 53 rd Earth in the multiverse. That's the only good news about Earth X because on this Earth, the Nazi's won the war and have ruled with a fascist fist ever since. They have come and invaded Earth-1 to interrupt Barry and Iris's wedding in need of something essential to their reign. Constantly meeting familiar faces along the way, our heroes must stop the Nazi's to save the world once again. Positives: The crossover had a strong impact on all 4 shows It was action packed with all the heroes There were many breathtaking twists Negatives: Some predictable moments Some scenes had no meaning A mirror to the Invasion Crossover My Rating & Review Crisis on Earth-X...
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