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Top 5 Hardest Super Mario Galaxy Stars

Nintendo's 2007 Wii classic "Super Mario Galaxy" was actually in fact, Super! Rated a perfect 10/10 by IGN this classic had it all, graphics, soundtrack, creativity, challenge and loads and loads of fun! Today I will be looking at the hardest stars for me to earn in a nostalgic trip through memory lane! By the way I will not be including green stars or green star levels.   5. "P urple coins in the bone pen" - Ghostly Galaxy                         Purple coins, purple coins! We will be hearing that term a lot. The first star on my list is the Purple coins in the bone pen. This star requires skill, accuracy and a lot of patience. To collect 100 purple coins using the Wii remote sensor in not 2, not 1 and a half but 60 seconds...Insane! 4."Plunder the...
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