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The Indie Index - Indie Character Showcase

I've been thinking a lot about the blood, sweat and tears that creators put into the creative projects and why people enjoy them as much as they do. Characters are often what people relate to and helps keep them fully invested in a story. So, I put the question out into the wide, wide world and asked: What is your favourite indie comic book character and why?       Kevin Joseph: I just met Tim Stiles' Knockaround Guy today and he was badass. I also really dig Icicle from Josh Dahl & Shawn Langley’s Rapid City: Below Zero. Knockaround Guy works because the absurdity of a talking gorilla working with a mime is juxtaposed by pretty straight noir narration. Icicle works because she’s had everything taken away from her and she has no interest in getting what she lost back. She’s only interested in making the person who did it pay....
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