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The Indie Index - Review - Sharkasaurus

The Indie Index - Review - Sharkasaurus
Sweet baby Jesus, we’re gonna need a bigger buggy. Sharkasaurus is a book that delivers on it’s title and so much more. It’s creationists vs paleontologists vs a prehistoric shark out for blood on a golf course…yes a golf course! Creator, writer, and director Spencer Estabrooks brought Sharkasaurus to life in a 2014 short film. It’s tremor meets jaws premise traveled the festival circuit with bloody success. Estabrooks was not fulfilled by this great short film. His imagination was beyond the budget of a short film and he wanted to tell a bigger story, with a bigger and more diverse cast, and of course with a bigger Sharkasaurus. In June 2016 Estabrooks launched a Kickstarter to fund a Sharkasaurus graphic novel with Tyler Jenkins (Peter Panzerfaust). It didn’t take long for the book to be funded and they moved full steam ahead with the project. Unfortunately, due to Jenkins' success on the Matt Kindt series Grass Kings, he...
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