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The Indie Index - Interview with Ryan K. Lindsay

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Ryan K. Lindsay creates stories that happen to be the freshest out there, his stories and characters are the kind that you can't not care about. RKL is the closest that the comics medium has ever gotten to a Hunter S. Thompson-esqe writer (and I'm including Ellis' Transmetropolitan in that). Read below and try to come out of the other side without a fresh perspective on comics. Just try it. Who are you and why should comic readers know who you are? I'm Ryan K Lindsay, an Australian comic writer. I've written BEAUTIFUL CANVAS with Sami Kivela at Black Mask , NEGATIVE SPACE with Owen Gieni at Dark Horse , and have also been published at IDW , Vertigo, ComixTribe , and a few other places. Beyond that, I've run 5 successful Kickstarter campaigns, too. Five words to describe your writing style: Ugh, what a pretentious goon. You've got a...
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