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Fallen Idols "Where's Waldo the Assassin?"

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The last post got delayed about a week so I thought hold off rather than post within 2 days of eachother. This weeks content: -Work in progress, "playing a game with the audience" -Podcast! want us to talk about your book? -how to write a comic part 4 "how does do panels?" WORK IN PROGRESS "Playing a game with the audience": So I've finished the building which mentioned last post and here it is: I'd have liked to have spent more time in it's design but eventually you just gotta move on... maybe if i need something new I'll give it a renovation.  For me double panels always take a long time to make, some things I meant to add in like other pedestrians, rubbish and debris like barrels and crates just to make the place more lived in... I will probbably put that in during the editing process, let...
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