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The Indie Index - Interview with Pat Shand

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For those playing at home, introduce yourself along with some of your works. I’m a writer and content creator, and I’ve been mostly making comics and novels in my career so far. I’ve worked on Robyn Hood, Adventure Time, Guardians of the Galaxy, Iron Man, Avengers, Thor, Disney Princess, Charmed, Underdog, Casper. A lot of freelance work. I’m starting to focus more on original creations, while still keeping the freelance projects going.   How long have you been writing for and at what point did you realise that you wanted to pursue writing as a career? Oh, I’ve been writing for as long as I could read. Shortly after reading my first couple of novels, both of them Goosebumps books, I started creating my own short stories. I’d ask my mom to get her typewriter down from the attic, or scrawl what I could in the margins of my notebooks....
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