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Rok of The Reds - Interview With John Wagner

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Geek Genie caught up with legendary comic book creator John Wagner to talk about the 2018 slated sequal to "Rok of The Reds". Get ready for aliens, action and football!    GG : For those who didn’t pick up the first series, can you tell our audience a bit about Rok of the Reds? JW: To escape galactic assassins, mighty alien shape-changer Rok of the Arkadii flees to the far reaches of the galaxy – the planet Earth - where to conceal himself he assumes the identity of the first human he encounters – bad boy footballer Kyle Dixon.   In this identity Rok develops a deep fascination with the game – a fascination that may end in death as his pursuers are hot on his tail. GG: There’s a long tradition of football themed comic books that came out of the UK. Do you see this as a continuation of that tradition?...
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