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Harris & Hutchison Deliver A Bohemian Rhapsody With Launch Of "Rockstars"

Harris & Hutchison Deliver A Bohemian Rhapsody With Launch Of "Rockstars"
It's Led Zeppelin meets The X-Files as writer Joe Harris and artist Megan Hutchison talk about their forthcoming Image Comics series "Rockstars". Strap in for a Rock 'n' Roll mystery tour like no other!   GG: Congratulations on what looks like an awesome new series! Joe, tell us a bit about "Rockstars". What is the series about? JH: It's a rock 'n' roll supernatural thriller; a love letter to the music I adore, and an exploration into what's hidden behind the music.  It follows two young investigators named Jackie and Dorothy (along with Skydog, Jackie's cat) as they try to get to the bottom of unsolved, even previously unknown, mysteries related to rock history both known and secreted away. GG: How did you come up with the idea of Rockstars? Is this Led Zep meets X-Files? JH: That's sounds about right! I've been saying "Almost Famous meets Supernatural," but I think...
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