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Fallen Idols "Grand Designs of a protagonist building"

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  I almost didn't make a post last week as I thought I might be cluttering up the website with blog posts. Obviously I changed my mind, but I'm thinking of making these posts fortnightly, let me know what you think. This weeks content: -work in progress, "Grand Designs of a protagonist building" -"how to write a comic part 3: story planning WORK IN PROGRESS "Grand Designs of a protagonist building": So onto page 4, had some distractions in the form of commissioned work to help a guy with his job application. but in the spare time I had managed to create this image: (still a work in progress, but definitely getting there)   This is a manner house which is going to feature a lot in the comic book, I had to decide very carefully how this was going to look as I'd be drawing this room a lot. it would...
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