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The Greatest Comic Book Covers #2 - Detective Comics #27

The Dark Knight Detective has cast a vigilant shadow over the comic book world for over 70 years now! Geek Genie continues its ongoing series with #2 and a look at the first appearance of The Batman in Detective Comics #27!   With those immortal words, The Batman was born. And he's been striking fear into the hearts of criminals ever since. Fresh off the success of Action Comics #1, National Allied Publications (later known as DC Comics) delivered yet another iconic character. Bill Finger, assisted by Bob Kane, introduced the story of millionaire Bruce Wayne and his obsessive quest for justice in the guise of his Bat-alter ego.                        As Action Comics #1 had done previously, The Batman leapt off the pages of Detective Comics #27. But this time, instead of a brightly coloured Superman performing miraculous feats of...
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